#MembersWorkingTogetherBank of America Charitable Foundation provides grant to The Ireland Funds for Music Generation

Dublin, 18 July 2017: Music Generation today announced that it will expand into nine new areas of Ireland within five years, thanks to the ongoing support of U2 and The Ireland Funds who together will have raised a total of €6.3m for the programme’s second phase. This combined investment in ‘Phase 2’ of Music Generation will include donations from the proceeds of U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, as well as donations previously raised for Music Generation through the band’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour in 2015, alongside further philanthropic investment by The Ireland Funds. A grant from Bank of America, through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, forms part of The Ireland Funds’ investment in this second phase of Music Generation. To read more, please click HERE.

Thank you to new member, William J. Meagher, Jr., Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor at U.S. Trust – Bank of America Private Wealth Management, for sharing the news.


Q&A: Ireland’s Leo Varadkar on Brexit, Trump and Keeping Ireland ‘At the Center of the World’

Leo Varadkar is quite a few firsts rolled into one. At 38, he is his country’s youngest ever Taoiseach, or Prime Minister. He’s also the first from an ethnic minority background, and the first to have come out as gay. His appointment in June is symbolic of the shift in social values in the once staunchly Catholic country.

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Anti-American countries get far more green cards than than the Irish do
By Niall O’Dowd

The numbers from the annual diversity lottery visa are out and they make this Irishman’s blood boil. We’ve been had as a nation, as one of the founder countries who helped create this great republic.

What the 1965 immigration reform act has done for the Irish is made new Irish immigrants as scarce as hen’s teeth.

And yes I know, it was Senator Edward Kennedy who played the major role in drafting that law. He tried to reverse its anti-Irish outcome before he died, but it was too late.

Now comes just the latest example. Each year 50,000 US Green Cards are allocated among 35 countries who are disadvantaged by current immigration law.

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