The rush for a quick Brexit harms the UK’s own interests. It is an irrational basis for deciding the future of Britain.
By , The Globalist, February 1, 2018

The risk of UK simply crashing out of the EU remains high. The gap between popular expectations and practical possibilities remains dangerously wide. The implications of UK withdrawal have not yet, even by now, been fully discovered by the negotiators on the either side.

As new complications and hypotheses are emerging every day, it is clear that the two-year time limit to conclude the negotiation of the terms for UK withdrawal from the EU is far too short.

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Irish Airline To Launch Service In Philadelphia
By Mike Denardo, KYW Newsradio

— Philadelphians heading to the Emerald Isle will soon have more travel options, as Aer Lingus prepares to launch service here.

Irish airline Aer Lingus is adding Philadelphia to the 11 North American cities it serves, with four Philadelphia flights a week starting March 25th, and daily service starting May 18.

Aer Lingus CEO Stephen Kavanagh spoke this week at a discussion sponsored by the Irish American Business Chamber and Network.

“The Irish links to Philadelphia are well-known and renowned. And so there is a strong heritage and legacy. But there’s also strong business being conducted between Pennsylvania and Dublin,” he said.

He says there are 232 Irish businesses with employees in Pennsylvania. American Airlines already flies to Dublin and city commerce director Harold Epps says the competition should push down fares.

“It’s another way to access Europe for a lower fare. So business and tourists will have options,” said Epps.

Epps says the Aer Lingus flights should add millions to the local economy.

Law360, New York (January 11, 2018, 7:13 PM EST) — Ireland — spotting an England-size Brexit gap in English-speaking countries practicing common law within the European Union — is launching an initiative to promote itself as global center for international legal solutions, the country’s bar association said on Wednesday.

The government is encouraging legal professionals to collaborate to bolster the legal trade in international sectors, according to a statement.

As with trade and investment opportunities, the initiative pursues opportunities in the wake of Brexit, or Britain’s impending exit from the EU.

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