PixarBio Corporation CEO Frank Reynolds to Present at the National Investment Banking Association’s 142nd Investment Conference in New York City, November 14, 2017

Salem, NH (October 25, 2017): PixarBio Corporation developers of NeuroReleaseTM, announced CEO Frank Reynolds to present at the National Investment Banking Association’s (NIBA) 142nd Investment Conference to be held November 13-14, 2017 at the Westin New York at Times Square Hotel in New York City.

“The NIBA is an important conference to engage the markets. We’re heading into 2018 as the only non-opiate, new drug candidate engaging the FDA expecting to treat post-surgical pain longer than 3 days while lasting up to 14 days. We are in a great position for FDA approval in late 2019”, said CEO Frank Reynolds

The NeuroRelease Platform: Non-Addictive and Non-Opiate Treatment of Pain
NeuroReleaseTM is a morphine replacement, and non-addictive pain platform for post-surgical pain. First product FDA approval for the platform will be for a 14-day post-surgical pain treatment and it is expected in late 2019.

Major Benefits of NeuroReleaseTM:
• Non-addictive, non-opiate nerve block
• Treats only sensory nerve fibers, or pain signals going back to the brain;
• No effect on locomotion nerve fibers, so patients can enter physical therapy quickly;
• Maintains two-point discriminate touch so patients can function and feel the ground; and
• No effect on proprioception so no effect on a person feeling of well-being

Therefore, patients will maintain two-point discriminate touch, control of their locomotion nerve fibers so they control voluntary movement to enter rehabilitation quickly with a non-addictive morphine replacement. PixarBio’s NeuroReleaseTM pain platform also includes 3-day, 7-day, and 90-Day pain treatments. NeuroReleaseTM is biodegradable, and it’s non-toxic so NeuroReleaseTM can be re-injected for repeat treatment.

About PixarBio Corporation
PixarBio is a specialty pharmaceutical/biotechnology company focused on pre-clinical and clinical commercial development of novel neurological drug delivery systems for post-operative pain. PixarBio researches and develops targeted delivery systems for drugs, devices, or biologics to treat pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury. Our lead product platform, NeuroRelease™, has achieved sustained therapeutic release of non-opiate drugs for post-operative, acute and chronic pain in pre-clinical models. For more information, visit www.pixarbio.com.

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