Irish Chamber Vice President, Lisa Maloney, will moderate a dynamic panel, Amid a Challenging Outlook, Promoting a Two-Way Street of Trade and Investment Across the Atlantic.

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The Irish Times
Former SDLP leader and Nobel laureate John Hume has died aged 83.

The current SDLP leader Colum Eastwood described him as Ireland’s “most significant and consequential political leader” of the 20th century.

Mr Hume, who spearheaded the finally successful efforts to end the violence of the Troubles and who is viewed as the architect of the 1998 Belfast Agreement, was in a nursing home and had been ill for a long time.

He is survived by his wife Pat and children, his children Terese, Aine, Aidan, John and Mo, his brothers and sisters and grandchildren.

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By Ambassador Daniel Mulhall

“The European Union is the best example in the history of the world of conflict resolution” – John Hume in the European Parliament, 4th of May 2004

Throughout last year, I was involved in a number of events marking the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. That anniversary represented an important opportunity to remind people of what was achieved in 1998 and of its legacy in the form of two decades of peace in Northern Ireland as well as greatly improved relations on the island of Ireland, and between Ireland and Britain.

One political leader from that time who, I believe, deserves special credit is John Hume, who was a deserved recipient, alongside David Trimble, of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize. I have been involved in a number of discussions following the screening of Maurice Fitzpatrick’s documentary film, John Hume in America, most recently in Hartford, Connecticut, at the invitation of Congressman John Larson and last year in Springfield with Congressman Richie Neal, who chairs the Congressional Friends of Ireland. I have also reviewed the book that accompanied the film for the Irish Times. 

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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — A contact-tracing app that was downloaded by one-fifth of Ireland in 36 hours might undergo a pilot project in Pennsylvania that could go live in the coming weeks as part of an effort to more quickly contain coronavirus outbreaks by notifying people who may have been exposed, a state Health Department official said Wednesday.

The state Department of Health otherwise has said little about its plans for the app, other than it is seeking to introduce a mobile app and a $1.9 million contract with software developer NearForm Ltd of Ireland to deploy and maintain it.

At a hearing organized by state House Democrats, Lindsey Mauldin, a special assistant to state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, said department personnel are working with researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to figure out how to use the app in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is also working with Delaware, and surrounding states could join, Mauldin told lawmakers.

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