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IABCN member, Bill McCusker, is a KPMG business developer by day, and a crusader in his spare time. His passion: “rebuilding the institution of fatherhood.” His book, Fatherhood: In Pieces, gives the perspectives of thirty-five fathers on what it means to be a good dad. Bill packaged these perspectives in bite-sized “pieces” of advice pertaining to Roles, Values, Discipline, Wives and Mothers, Expectations of Your Kids, and other chapters on what fatherhood is all about. According to Bill, “In a popular culture that seems to marginalize fatherhood, I wanted to capture a close-up look at what good fathers bring to their kids’ lives: courage, strength, good humor, hard work, protection, discipline, judgment, perseverance and love.” Bill believes that now, more than ever, we need good fathers, and he hopes that Fatherhood: In Pieces will give honest, personal, and helpful insights into what these noble creatures called fathers should be doing in a vitally important role.

Mission: Our mission is grounded in the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola that we are men and women for others. We believe partnering with educational institutions to provide families of need with scholarship assistance and grants to grade school, high school and college builds a strong foundation for success.