11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Executive Perspectives Online Edition

Executive Perspectives: Are Your Investment Tools Appropriate for the Coming Economic and Monetary Reset?

Irish Chamber member, Abbington Investment Group, Chairman and CIO, Peter Van Dessel, will share his insights in an interactive session to discuss whether investors have what they need to protect the value of their portfolios in the potential turbulent times we are facing.

People work hard for their savings, but market movements pay little heed to that.  Peter Van Dessel, CIO of Abbington Investment Group, will host an interactive session with IABCN members and guests to discuss ways of looking for alternative investments that can help to diversify portfolios that will mitigate this risk. Peter will be joined on the call from Dublin by Mick Swift, CEO of Abbey Capital, an Irish owned alternative investment manager.

Click HERE for Peter’s presentation.

11.00 am – 12.00 pm: Keynote presentation; Question & Answer session

Presented virtually – link will be sent upon registration.



Contact Alanna Barry McCloskey at abarry@iabcn.org or call/text 215.772.3101

Webinar Etiquette

We will be recording this webinar. All attendees will be muted upon entry.  We will take questions in the chat as the webinar is in progress and save those for a Q&A at the end.  We will make the recording available after the webinar via a download link from our website.

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