9:30 am - 10:30 am

A Global Conversation: Keeping the Show on the Road…and the Sea

Connecting Cork and Pennsylvania, a joint program hosted by the Cork Chamber of Commerce and Irish Chamber in Philadelphia

The Cork Chamber and Irish Chamber (IABCN) are delighted to present a virtual program focused on the strengthening of trading links and connectivity between Cork and Pennsylvania, specifically with relation to the new direct shipping route from the Port of Cork to Penn Terminals in Chester, PA. This program will provide an opportunity to learn about options for Irish and European companies to reduce transit time and cost in key export sectors, and similar options for Pennsylvania companies importing materials from and exporting product to Europe.


As the Brexit deadline creeps closer, it is imperative that Ireland identifies ways to maintain their critical trading relationships with the rest of the world and reduce their dependency on the UK. Following the announcement earlier this year of the start of a new weekly direct container shipping service from Cork to the USA, Ireland is now more strategically connected to the East Coast USA, and the 10-day journey offers exporters on both sides of the Atlantic the most reliable and fastest delivery times for their supply chains. The first stop on the US side is at the Port of Chester in Pennsylvania. Click HERE to read a recent Irish Independent article.

Join us to hear from panelists Conor Mowlds, Chief Commercial Officer for Port of Cork Company, and Jeffery L. Culbertson, CPE, Chief Commercial Officer for PSA Penn Terminals, LLC, who will discuss the role of their respective port authorities in driving developments in infrastructure and connectivity, thereby supporting the economic development of their local regions, and enhancing our international trading relationships.

9.30 am EST/2.30 pm GMT – 10.30 am EST/3.30 pm GMT

Presented virtually



Contact Alanna Barry McCloskey at abarry@iabcn.org or call/text 215.772.3101

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