11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Women in Leadership: Life Skills (virtual)

Life Skills 2021: Building Mental Fitness with Positive Intelligence

In the latest installment of our Women in Leadership series, we will welcome Irish Executive Coach, Kathleen Fanning, PCC. Through her company, Invest in Yourself, Kathleen’s desire is to support Women in Business and Higher Education who want to overcome their professional/personal struggles and challenges.

These past 12+ months have been a very challenging time. We have experienced the challenges of working from home; at times being a teacher for our children; perhaps being separated from extended family and coping with the ongoing concern about the virus. Some people have had much worse experiences and may well have lost close family members or may have dealt with covid firsthand. With that in mind, this workshop is a chance to regroup and look ahead.

Click HERE to download a copy of Kathleen’s presentation.

Workshop Overview:

– How do you look at challenges?
– Reframing – there are Gifts in everything.
– What is meant by Mental Fitness / PQ?
– Sage and Saboteurs.
– Three Gifts.
– Simple Operating System.
– Mental Fitness in 6 weeks!

Shirzad Chamine, the founder of Positive Intelligence®, teaches us that there is a gift or opportunity in every challenge. At times this can be difficult to see, and we need our Mental Muscles to be strong to do this.

As part of this session, Kathleen would like you to have some item that symbolizes an aspect of the past number of months and/or the pandemic for you – we will see what gift we might find in it! 

Kathleen Fanning is an Executive Coach & Trainer who is based in Tipperary, Ireland and works with clients and groups in both the US and Ireland. Having grown up in CT, she has a love for and a good knowledge of both countries. Her passion is to work with women in Business and Higher Education who are experiencing overwhelm, a feeling of near-burnout and a sense that their ‘list’ never ends. Through her 1-1 coaching, she supports them to stop this cycle and start to thrive at work and at home.

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