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Support the CONALLSTRONG team, which has been the largest team for participants for the 5th year in a row and one of the top 3 overall non-corporate fundraising teams.  They are raising money to help fight childhood cancer and ultimately fund lifesaving research and innovative care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, an organization that has enabled our son, Conall, the meds and the protocols to fight this cancer that has changed his life, our life and many of the lives of people that Conall has touched over the past 4.5 years since his battle began in March 2015.  Conall, a Havertown native, has FINISHED treatment and is a CANCER SURVIVOR  !!!!  Anyone who meets Conall knows that his personality lights a room and he is so charismatic, even after EVERYTHING he has been through!

Conall’s cancer presented in the most unusual way. His white blood cell production was “shut down” first vs. his red blood cell production.  So, Conall outwardly presented as a healthy happy child without the standard signs of leukemia: nose bleeds, bruising, fatigue etc.  But inside, as his white blood cells dropped in number, he was WIDE open for any type of infection ; Conall actually went into Septic Shock in only 12 hours after  coming into his parents’ room late one night with a fever.  They almost lost him to the septic shock, however, the unbelievable fighter that he is, he came out of it, CONALLSTRONG.  However, not without life-changing effects.  Conall had to have both his legs amputated below the knee and all the fingers on his right hand,  All the while, beginning his fight against cancer or “yucks” in his blood as he called.  Leukemia treatment is 3.5 years for boys and thankfully we can say this part of the journey is complete. Conall has become stronger every day since treatment has ended. Conall is still playing Gaelic football this year.   He has also received running blades and still working on strengthening those hips to gain some momentum

All of this is due to the incredible work and research of the CHOP Cancer Center.  Less than 4% of US Federal Cancer Research funds are earmarked for CHILDHOOD Cancer research. ONE in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they turn 20. This is why it is so CRUCIAL for organizations like CHOP Cancer Center to receive the support of donations.

IF you can join the team and get down to the Parkway Run on a Sunday, September 29th morning – please register and come down. It is only a 5k or less walk / run you are finished before noon on a Sunday, we are all busy but this is worth it. You can do it.   It is a great event.

If you can’t come down, then please donate to team!  Every donation counts!

See link below for CONALLSTRONG Team

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