This week’s Green Friday member focus is Tooher Consulting, which specializes in strategic planning for mid-size companies.
CEO John Tooher is originally from Dundalk and has over twenty years of experience leading strategic development for SMEs and multinational corporations.
John’s background includes senior international leadership positions with GE, Imation, a GE spinout, and 3M. His experience with diverse teams in the strategy room allows him to help clients see the big picture so they can improve practices to drive the growth of their business.
Services include:
➡️ Complimentary Consultation
➡️ Two Sessions | Ten Hours | New Strategy
➡️ My Business Roadmap, an automated self-serve, small business management platform that guides you through defining the most critical drivers of your business and laying out the plan of action you must take to get you where you want to be.
Learn more here –> Home-New | Tooher Consulting

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