This week’s Green Friday member focus is Villanova University, boasting a rich heritage and deep ties to the Emerald Isle.
Their founder, Rev. Thomas J. Walsh, born in County Mayo, Ireland saw his Irish heritage as a vital part of the university’s identity.
Some of the university’s highlights include:
1️⃣ Center fo Irish Studies: For four decades, the Villanova Center for Irish Studies has been a leader in interdisciplinary teaching & scholarship on Ireland in a global framework.
2️⃣ St. Patrick’s Day Parade: The university has a long-standing tradition of participating in the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade, one of the oldest and largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country. The Villanova community proudly marches in the parade, showcasing the university’s Irish pride.
3️⃣ Irish Heritage Month: Every March, they celebrate Irish Heritage Month with a variety of events, uncluding lectures, performances, and cultural activities highlighting Ireland’s rich traditions and contributions to society.
4️⃣ Irish Studies Collection: The Falvey Memorial Library houses an impressive Irish Studies Collection, with an extensive array of books, manuscripts, maps, and artifacts related to Irish history, literature, and culture. The collection serves as a valuable resource for students, faculty, and researchers interested in Ireland.
5️⃣ Alumni Connection: The university boasts a large and active alumni network, with many graduates having Irish heritage or connections to Ireland. Villanova alumni have gone on to make significant contributions to various fields in Ireland and Irish-American communities, reinforcing the university’s strong bond with the country.
Villanova University’s connection to Ireland runs deep, from its academic programs and cultural celebrations to its alumni network.

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