New distilleries and enthusiastic bartenders raise interest in the spirit
By David Flaherty
Nation’s Restaurant News

Walk into a bar in Scotland and mention that the Irish invented whiskey, and you’ll be leaving on a stretcher, and right quick. Conversely, walk into a pub in Ireland, make a fleeting comment about the Scots being the ones who invented whiskey, and you may be hit with a bar stool before you even finish talking.

While the history of exactly who invented whiskey is in much debate, with no sign of any resolution, there is one thing that is not in question: The sales of Irish Whiskey in the United States have been soaring. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, sales of Irish Whiskey have seen more than 900% growth over the past 15 years, with sales of nearly 4.7 million cases being sold in 2018, generating just over $1 billion for distillers.

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