I am Caroline Kneafsey based in the Philadelphia area and happy to support the Irish Chamber business community with advice or test calls whatever is needed while people determine their business strategy as I work for Kinly and have been in the collaboration business for over 20 years.

Kinly is a global collaboration provider with offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In light of what is happening with the Covid-19  we are offering one free month Pexip by Kinly solutions. We are vendor agnostic so can support multiple different solutions so can share options that are being done by Microsoft, Cisco or Zoom as well.

For the specific Pexip by Kinly offer:

There is no pre-payment required and you can turn off the service any time in the first year.

This is a secure platform Pexip Achieves ISO-27001 Security Certification that is super easy to use. It works with all platforms Google, Microsoft, Cisco etc.

We are also helping companies/universities/townships that need additional licenses or configurations of their existing platforms such as Microsoft or Cisco or even equipment such as headset or web cameras to the remote workers.

We can support your business functions and determine if there are ways to make them remote.

We recently set up virtual stations for police departments in the Netherlands so the public could file complaints through a central video system in the front so getting service but protecting their employees who could be anywhere from exposure.

We support a variety of virtual workforce functions from Telehealth to Virtual education so if you are looking for guidance and suggestions please feel free to reach out to me, if I can’t help I will point you to someone who can.

Be safe.

All the best,
Caroline Kneafsey

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