J. Christiaan Collins
Principal, jccUSA Communications

Christiaan is the owner of a small communications firm in Malvern, PA. His clients range from a small information technology company, to a retailer of caregiving products for the aging, to two private yoga practices.

Before moving back home to Malvern, Christiaan spent 25 years working in and around Congress and the federal government, nine of which were spent with MCI and Verizon Communications where he managed relationships with several Members of Congress and served as corporate grassroots communications manager. Whether working on behalf of a client or in-house, Christiaan has a passion for telling an organization’s good story well.

Christiaan is very happy to have recently joined the Irish Chamber and looks forward to meeting new people and making lasting connections.

Contact Christiaan at jchris@jchristiaancollins.com