Almac Pod™ – Changing the Global Dynamics of Temperature Controlled Shipping Solutions

Introducing a new product to the US clinical trial supply marketplace

Craigavon, N.I., UK, 16 October 2017Almac Group, the global contract development and manufacturing organisation, has recognised the need for a change in dynamics of temperature controlled shipping with the launch of its new Almac Pod™ service solution in the United States.

Understanding the cost, logistical and compliance challenges posed by this changing environment, the Almac Pod was originally released in Europe and serves as a first-to-market service solution. The innovative solution incorporates the efficiencies of the Almac-approved, global courier network and advanced phase change material technology (PCM) to create a temperature-controlled shipping service solution that eases the burden for its global clinical supply customers.

The Almac Pod offers a Protected, Optimised and Dynamic solution that safeguards customers’ products and mitigates against temperature excursions of all clinical shipments– the perfect solution for biologics or difficult to handle products. Since launching the service, the Almac Pod has been 100% effective in protecting the integrity of shipped products with no known temperature excursions within the shipper qualification period.

Leon Supplee, Director of Logistics, Almac Clinical Services, commented: “On the cusp of our success launching the Almac Pod in Europe, we have expanded our new temperature-controlled shipping service solution to the United States and internationally. Our customers continuously need a solution to keep pace with rapidly growing demand for controlled temperature shipments. With increased volume, the Almac Pod allows us to build on our streamlined clinical trial supply chain. The service has equipped us, and our clients, to work seamlessly across the logistics process by protecting temperature controlled products and compares more effectively than traditional water-based solutions. The Almac Pod is fully GDP-compliant and is available as part of Almac’s end-to-end, global supply chain management solution – your product, safe in our hands.”

For further details on the Almac Pod, download the whitepaper: Changing the Dynamics of Temperature Controlled Shipping Solutions here.


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