Download Webinar: Navigating the Hidden Challenges of Clinical Packaging and Labelling

Clinical Packaging and Labelling has an important role to play in helping sponsor organisations successfully navigate the path to deliver a new drug to market successfully. It shouldn’t be approached as a bolt-on or afterthought but as an essential process to be fully considered and integrated into the wider study plan, at the earliest opportunity.

Download Almac’s latest webinar on ‘Navigating the Hidden Challenges of Clinical Packaging and Labelling’ to explore and understand:

  • The key drivers that have changed clinical research today, as well as the impact of these changes on the clinical trial supply chain, particularly clinical packaging and labelling operations.
  • The Industry changes from a technology perspective, as well as the emergent solutions, tools and processes that can help drive supply chain transformation to remove risk of non-compliance.
  • The best practice strategies that are available to ensure clinical trial organisations achieve a future-proof supply chain that will address the changes within clinical research today, whilst ensuring smooth delivery of your clinical trial and safety for the patient.

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