My dream began around 10 years ago when I began a start-up business, but it turned out not to be the right time as I was relocating. I’ve been waiting since then, building my business expertise as a Sales Director and setting up a successful coaching business. This year I decided to put my dream to the test. I had the opportunity to test market my newest business GreenIsland Bakery, a bakery based in Washington, DC that provides Irish and European products in the United States. Four months ago, we launched a weekly pilot bakery pop-up. The pop-up allowed us to find success in our local market, as we spoke to hundreds of customers and developed a narrow, focused product line with their insightful feedback. The demand for these products is there, and we believe online ordering plus prompt delivery is both cost effective and suited to the times.

Most recently we were selected by Union Kitchen Food Accelerator Program to partner in growing our business and developing consumer packaged products for retail.

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