The Rebuilders will be the theme of the New York-New Belfast 2021 hybrid summit which will plot out a recovery roadmap for these two great cities, drawing on the centres of excellence that Belfast boasts including fintech, green economy, peace-building and innovation. Click HERE for tickets.

The conference and awards luncheon will take place with an in-person audience in New York at Manhattan Manor, 201 W 52nd St, New York, on 1st October with an option to watch the talks on September 30th and October 1st live online.

Our speakers include the top Northern Irish expats in New York plus Irish American leaders in business, education, community and culture.

All those present are keen to act as ambassadors for Belfast. This gathering will represent a call to action for these Belfast advocates in the US to partner the most exciting development projects in Belfast — both local and citywide.
Due to Covid, only a few delegates will travel from Belfast to New York but there will be a Belfast studio the KPMG Soloist Building where speakers will participate. New York-New Belfast will showcase the best of Belfast at this pivotal time for the city. All Covid protocols will be observed in both cities.

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