Thank you to Irish Chamber member, Dan Cronin, for sharing these tips on how to make the most of your home Wifi settings.

– Call your cable provider:  Explain to them that you are remote worker who is doing a lot of video webinar meetings and you want to create a dual wifi –

2.4mhz for all non essential devices; 5.0 mhz for all essential devices

– Your router should be dual band wifi 802.11ac. It will literally take them ten minutes to add the new wifi and then you just select it from your essential device. If range is an issue beyond the bandwidth we discussed then check these resources:

I like this one:  EERO


Youtube ratings:

Key factor  is that the two networks are proximity based. Yes having two networks is good, however the 5.0 mhz solution is for devices closet to the router. The 2.4mhz is for further away devices.

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