Top 10 Careers in Demand for 2021
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2020 forced many of us to change aspects of our lives. It included how we approached education, as well as job searchers and career changes. Some industries were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and could be the last jobs to surge back when the economy recovers.

Conversely, the COVID-19 pandemic shed light on some of the most in-demand careers available. ER jobs increased by as much as 89% during the pandemic, according to a University of Chicago labor report. Another aspect of change concerned worker flexibility. It was not uncommon for nurses to travel further away from home to meet patients’ needs. Meanwhile, many workers found new workplaces at home.

Pivoting continues into 2021. Whether you are looking to get back in the workforce, or have an understanding of the current job market, we hope our list of the top 10 careers in 2021 and HR expert advice can help you narrow your search.

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